Industry Specialisation Loans

We have a wide range of lenders who provide specialist industry loans to help specific professionals into the property market:

  • to support customers buying a home for the first time
  • to buy a new home or investment property
  • purchase a new business premises or assistance with purchasing an existing business

Benefits include:

There are strict criteria and policies, but approved applicants will benefit from:

  • Waived Lender Mortgage Insurance up to a maximum of 90% loan to property value.
  • No evidence of genuine saving.
  • Discounts on interest rates for approved lending products.
  • Permanent residents or Citizens
  • Minimum annual income of $120,000 per annum.

Qualified occupations:

  • Accountants, Finance Managers, Auditors, Actuaries & CFO’s
  • Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers & Judges
  • Doctors, GP’s, Chiropractors, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Specialist, Pathology, Radiology, and many more healthcare professionals.

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