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Asset Finance

Having the right equipment and asset finance can help save you time and money to invest in growing your business. You can also reduce the risk of owning obsolete equipment and there can be various tax outcomes too.
Peel Finance Brokers considers all manner of assets for finance. From vehicles for commercial and personal use to heavy machinery and shop fit-outs. We finance equipment such as furniture and technology for offices, medical institutions, retail shops, warehouses and factories.

When considering asset finance options, ask yourself:
• how much capital do I need to grow my business?
• when do I need to smooth the bumps in my cash flow?
• what are the tax outcomes of asset financing?
• how long will I need the equipment, and will I need to upgrade it?
• is technology rapidly changing in my industry?
• do I want to ‘finance to own’ or ‘finance to return’ my asset?

Asset finance options include: Commercial Hire Purchases; Financial and Operating Leases; Chattel Mortgages; Novated Leases; and Technology Rentals. Each is suited to different commercial circumstances, so when considering your options, you may want to talk to your accountant or tax adviser.

We Can Help You Find your Asset Finance Solution that Works for You

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